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Berlin Wall Signature Edition Watch
Put a Real Piece of History On Your Wrist!


A Medieval legend, a modern military machine and the watches that bring modernity and antiquity together.
The Pramzius Iron Wolf watches tell the circa 720-year-old story of the founding of Vilnius, Lithuania and brings to bear watches ready to be the official timekeeper and watches of the Wolf Infantry Fighting Vehicle of Lithuania’s modern NATO ground forces. 

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Full Lume Military Open Heart


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Following our successful campaign for the Pramzius Trans-Siberian convertible pocket watch, we are super excited to offer for your consideration the Berlin Wall Signature Edition Watch.
We thank everyone so much who helped make the dream of the Trans Siberian come true.
We actually started working on the Berlin Wall watch before the Trans Siberian as this project has been in development for 3 years.
We hope you enjoy our campaign, engage with us again, and can join us as we make this special timepiece a reality.

Berlin Wall Watch - Key Features

The Berlin Wall Signature edition watch from Pramzius captures that momentous event on your wrist for generations.
Pieces of the actual Berlin Wall fill the see-through crown of each timepiece.
But the Berlin Wall Signature Watch is about more than just DNA.
It is collaboration from both sides of the Atlantic by a group of people touched by this event perhaps deeper than most of us.


Berlin Wall Watch – Marble dial etched


Berlin Wall Watch – Marble dial with color

John Gaps III, who lived the experience as the on-the-ground photographer from the Associated Press.
He would capture some of the most iconic images of the days that followed as revelers destroyed the wall that had stood between them for a generation.

Another 27 years later he would donate pieces of the wall he collected to this special watch project, along with his art and his name certifying the elements that fill each crown.


A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1993, John has traveled the world to war-torn regions for the AP.
His book, God Left Us Alone Here, is poetry about the horrors of war he experienced during and after the first Gulf War.


Our goal is for this watch to be accessible to anyone who wants to have this memory enshrined in timekeeping.
So we are building in two case sizes.
One will be 42 mm and one 48 mm to meet the tastes of both ends of the size spectrum.


There are also two dial options.
One with the original graffiti in full color and one where it is etched into the marble, so you can go bold or go subtle.

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